Cryptocurrency – Future or Bubble?

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Cryptocurrency - Future or Bubble?

Cryptocurrency is an electronic means of payment created using a cryptography algorithm. The main feature is the issue of coins (coins) by users of the global network, while national currencies can be issued exclusively by the central banks of states in any quantity and quality. 

The number of virtual coins is strictly limited, the demand for them correlates with the price, and there is no link to the payment system of any country. E-coins are a relatively new and rapidly growing “branch” of the financial world. You should not bypass it for the following reasons:

  1. The possibility of diversifying the portfolio with a fundamentally different asset;
  2. Immunity to inflation. The government will not be able to “print” a frantic amount of bitcoins, unlike fiat money;
  3. Decentralization. Even if the country’s financial system suddenly collapses, the investor will not lose his capital;
  4. Anonymity. It is impossible to calculate data about the investor from the history of transactions;
  5. Legality. Although the legalization of cryptocurrencies is still at the development stage, there is no direct ban on operations.

The main disadvantage is the periodic sharp jumps in cryptocurrency rates. That is why it is impossible to invest all free money in coins and replenish the portfolio for a short time. Modern investors with a pragmatic view of the world will definitely add at least a few electronic coins to their portfolios, because the near future is already behind them.

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