What does bitcoin look like?

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What does Bitcoin look like?

If we talk directly about what a bitcoin looks like on a computer, then this is nothing more than an array of data packed into blocks. On the monitor screen, it looks like a cipher consisting of many zeros and ones. It is somewhat reminiscent of a chain of symbols from the famous trilogy “The Matrix”.

As for the address, it represents the identifier of the coins in the blockchain, which is necessary in order to carry out transactions. Externally, an address is a set of numbers, letters, upper and lower case. The number of characters in a bitcoin address does not exceed 34 characters.

This is how it might look like – 38AwyYdyrG8yesfNjFKEQETaNu9nPWtwsj.

Each wallet has its own unique number created in the blockchain. It is impossible to fake it, and even the most experienced cybercriminals are not able to crack it. Although it is believed that with the advent of quantum computers in the near future, it will be possible to hack numbers, but this is not known for certain.

The owner of the number has all the rights to use his wallet, but if he loses the private key, then he will no longer have access to the wallet, and all funds will be lost forever. There are already cases when the owners of cryptocurrency wallets lost their number, and the wallet contained a large number of coins.

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